* Will obtain an immediate advance for necessary expenses.

* Will immediately help you find a hotel or property for temporary living quarters.

* Will submit in proper form your Loss of Use claim and negotiate the highest possible settlement.

A thorough understanding of this coverage and how it applies to your loss is very important. There are limitations in both time and coverage. You will need to move your family and pets to a cleaner and safer environment. Such as a hotel suite or a rental property. We will help you to maximize coverage in this area.

Most fire victims find the term "Loss of Use" somewhat confusing. This coverage is afforded for your living expenses and increased cost of living. The Loss of Use coverage set forth by your policy is paid on an "Incurred" basis. This means, if you do not incur additional expenses from your displacement, no benefits will be paid. Some of the additional expenses you will incur because your property is uninhabitable include hotel & restaurant bills, telephone calls, laundry charges, auto expenses, pet kenneling fees and property and furniture rental costs.

As you can see, without G.W. Burke & Associates on your side your interests are not protected. Call us now, we can help.

And remember: The fire was yesterday and today you have G.W.BURKE & ASSOCIATES on your side.

loss of use expenses / business interruption

emergency Services / board-up

don't be a victim a 2nd time, get professional representation to look out for your interests

why do I need an adjuster?

dwelling and building services

G.W. Burke & Associates



* Will immediately arrange to secure your property by boarding up all damaged windows and doors.

* Will immediately arrange to secure all utilities (electricity, gas and water).

* Knows that there is NO immediate need to sign a contract to hire a contractor for the reconstruction of your property. a signed board - up contract is all that is necessary until your claim is settled.

* Provides all the emergency services that are necessary following a disaster. After your property or business suffers damage, we will immediately implement the systems necessary to safeguard your property from the elements, further damage, or unauthorized entry.

Some emergency services will need to be preformed to protect you and others from injury and to eliminate liability exposure resulting from debris, nails, glass, and hazardous materials such as asbestos. Some of the emergency services we will arrange for include :

Board - Ups - eliminates your liability and keeps others from entering

Roof Cover - Ups - prevents further damage by the elements

Electrical Services - Isolates damaged wiring, and provides temporary power poles

Utility Checks - Gas, water, electricity - prevents further damage by being left on or by leakage

Debris Clean Up - front of property, driveways, sidewalks and street

Fencing - for pools or other areas of the property

G.W. Burke & Associates firmly believes in the philosophy of having professional representation from the onset.  We try our best to make contact with you after the incident as quick as possible to inform you of your alternatives in settling your insurance claim.  Our interests are tied solely in the successful negotiation and settlement of your claim.  Many companies will simply rubber stamp what the insurance company offers, collect their fee and move on to the next one.  NOT G.W. BURKE & ASSOCIATES!  There are many aspects to a claim and below is a summary of the different areas we manage.


* Will dramatically increase the scope of work and the dollar settlement on your building claim.

* Will provide a very detailed scope of repairs, including line of sight repairs and the cost of such repairs to rebuild your property.

Our experts will prepare a damage estimate based on our knowledge of the insurance contract and the effects of fire, heat and water as a pervasive element throughout your property. This estimate will include an item by item estimate of every room and section of your property, showing detailed dimensions, quantities, unit cost and total cost.

At the end of the room - by - room estimate - there is a breakdown showing exactly the amount claimed under each trade ( i.e. framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, drywall, paint, etc.).

The insurance company will have a contractor of their choosing give them a list of repairs and costs for there repairs in their opinion. Unfortunately, the adjuster and insurance company's contractor will always be much lower in pricing of the repairs and will miss many items that should be replaced or repaired (i.e. drywall, cabinets, tile, window frames, wiring and fixtures).

G.W. Burke & ASSOCIATES will obtain a priced estimate from a contractor based on our scope or work - a contractor who is able and willing to carry out quality work in a timely manner. This scope will include all related costs to return the building to its pre loss condition.

property / contents claims



* Will dramatically increase the amount of money you collect.

* Will immediately list and price every single item in your property.

* Will determine what is restorable and what must be replaced.

The most time - consuming and stressful portion of preparing your own claim involves household contents/personal property. Your personal belongings meant much more to you than dollars and cents. What about the many things that made you happy - favorite books and records, photographs of the children and vacations, manuscripts, computer discs and movies of the children growing up, even grandma's salt and pepper shakers?

What value will the insurance company place on that treasured teddy bear or the purple heart medal earned by your dad?

"They are just things" the insurance company says. But they were your lives and memories, memories and years that cannot be relived.
Our ability to make a detailed list, and our ability to negotiate a smaller depreciation percentage taken on each item, means a substantial increase in what you collect on your contents claim.

At G.W. BURKE & ASSOCIATES our adjusters and inventory specialists will inventory with you every piece of personal property, furniture, clothing, photographs, collectibles, coffee cups, pencils, etc. We will describe in detail every item, and the degree of damage. We will determine whether each item is to be restored or replaced.

Our staff has ability to put together a more complex list of everything lost. Remember, it's up to you to list what you've lost and prove its value to the insurance company. Our experts will help you to remember possessions of value which you probably have forgotten about. You would be surprised at how many things you accumulated over the years which had been put away in closets and the attic.

At G.W. BURKE & ASSOCIATES our experts are much more familiar with the current value of your possessions than you are. The insurance company automatically depreciates furniture and clothes for wear and tear, but such items as collectibles, art, silver and antiques certainly have appreciated in value as a result of inflation.

Even with replacement cost insurance, most people will not replace every item that was destroyed so you may not ever receive full replacement cost for your contents. You will only receive actual cash value which is replacement cost minus depreciation for items you lost in the fire.