About Us

having the time and energy for over 30 years helping insureds navigate the complex claims process

Our Mission

Comprehensive Claims Management

We handle the claims process for you from beginning to end.  We will report the loss and set all the necessary appointments with the insurance company and vendors.  We have an open door policy and encourage our clients to review their claim upon request.


02. Dedicated and Loyal 

For over 30 years we have helped thousands of families who have suffered from house fires, business accidents, vandalism and earthquakes.  Our experienced office staff has the compassion and understanding to make the circumstances tenable.


03. We Treat You with Respect

We stand by our promises.  We will not close the claim until we are certain you are happy with the level of service we provided you.  We do our best to limit delays and make the claims settlement process and smooth and stress-free one, but it is a complicated process at times and we will not subside until you have received full and fair value.

Comprehensive insurance claim consultation and settlement from start to finish


The difference between our firm and the rest is our willingness to fight for everything that is owed to you under your insurance policy. 


We have the expertise and industry knowledge to maximize your claim on your behalf.  Do not settle for what your insurance company offers you.  We have settled thousands of claims and our track record is second to none.

We live in a very diverse community and our primary focus is taking care of our clients like they are members of our family.  It doesn't matter who we are or where we come from, but we are all citizens of this society who need to look out for each other.  It is our mission to make sure every our clients are protected and not taken advantage of.

G.W. Burke & Associates


Q: Would it be a good idea to wait until I meet with the insurance company’s adjusters to see what they have in mind before I retain G.W. BURKE & ASSOCIATES?

A: You would never consider waiting for the results of a tax audit before deciding to take your accountant along, nor proceed to the courthouse without your attorney. Dealing with an insurance claim is no different. Meeting with the representatives of the insurance company without the help and expertise of G.W. BURKE & ASSOCIATES puts you at a significant disadvantage.

Q: I know that my insurance company will send out adjuster from their staff. What is the advantage of retaining a professional of my own?

A: Retaining a highly regarded adjustment firm like G.W. BURKE & ASSOCIATES is that we represent only the interest of the policyholder, and secure the maximum benefits for you. Also, we handle all of the details that would normally consume a great deal of your time, such as preparing your inventory, meeting with contractors, and presenting complex insurance claims

Q: What if I decide to wait on hiring G.W. BURKE & ASSOCIATES until my insurance company makes me an offer?

A: If you wait until the insurance company prepares its own value of your claim, you have given them a stronghold on your claim that is difficult to remove. Having G.W. BURKE & ASSOCIATES at your side at the initial meeting greatly enhances the possibility of a maximum settlement, as our industry specific knowledge in fire reconstruction, pricing inventories, the complexities of “actual cash value” and “depreciation” is crucial.